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Work Details

captchaYour new job is to retype the picture content into the input field in English. English alphabet knowledge is requried. Minimal amount for transfer is $ 1 ,Pay-Out on Webmoney. Transfers are proceeded daily.


This portal is devoted to data-entering. Your job will help to digitize books and papers. Another goal is to assist to visually and hearing impaired persons wishing to use computers and internet. Currently we work with persons that have poor hearing and vision. Many websites now require so called CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) to be entered in order for the user to continue using website services. This has significantly increased in a few past years: e-mail, shopping and many more websites now require the CAPTCHA to be inputted. Our goal is to provide these people with access to web-resources they need.


We are presenting a software that will help you a lot in you captcha entry work! The good thing is that this software will generate the captchas 24 hours every day, whenever you like to work and the captchas are appearing very fast!


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  1. brk murthi says:

    What I have to do I can work on computer. am using an internet center right now If I can earn through your web site I will purchase a internet enabled computer pl. reply

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